Become the parent who is no longer defined by their child’s autism

by learning to trust yourself, trust your child and building a foundation of joy and happiness

Feel empowered as a parent

Overcome loneliness and isolation

Deeply connect with your child

I partner with you on your journey to support you to parent your special child

Consultations with one or both parents

Virtual one on one sessions with one or both parents.

Typically, a session is 1 or 1.5 hour long.

Packages are available. Sessions are virtual.

Training for other family members, caregivers and other professionals

Training for family members and other caregivers including any professionals working with the child (OT, PT, SP, psychologist)

Virtual and face to face.

Face to face session

Face to face session at a family’s home.

Typically, 2 hours long (in-person).

Professional training

Professional training on a variety of topics related to brain development and social emotional development in schools, communities advocating for special needs children.

Virtual and face to face.

Neuro Emotional Balance Technique

What our clients are saying


Rita has given us new insights, new approaches, new strategies and unending support

We came to Rita during a difficult time. Our family had undergone loss, a move, and for our adolescent daughter, depression. All of the strategies and supports that worked earlier, no longer were working for us. It was overwhelming and very frightening. Then we began working with Rita. My observation is that sometimes, for lack of understanding, we focus on and tend to treat symptoms rather than causes. Rita has so wonderfully engaged my daughter and myself to see beneath the surface to identify thoughts, emotions and behaviors that may be finding a negative expression in the way we think or act.

As a parent, I cannot explain the stress and desperation you feel when your child is not sleeping, not enjoying anything they used to, have no energy, have no desire and try to function everyday under a darkness. Working with Rita has given us the keys to unlock what was hidden and unknown in our daughter’s mind and heart, as well as helped us to understand how, as a family, we function as a unit and can have a large influence on one another.

Rita has given us new insights, new approaches, new strategies and unending support. We are seeing improvements every week and I now can see we have the missing piece to help our daughter navigate her large emotions. Rita’s wealth of experience, positivity, compassion and energy has given us the support we needed. We are very grateful.

MaryBeth Lopez 
MaryBeth Lopez

Margarita truly partnered with us in caring for our son

Margarita is an exceptionally skilled practitioner. Beyond her incredible breath of knowledge and expertise in her field, she is truly a present and compassionate human being. Her wholistic approach was a gift to our family.

We began working with her a couple of years ago when we requested an evaluation for our son. He had been struggling with transitions, impulsivity, and self-expression. Margarita was the first professional we met with who was able to pinpoint the underlying causes of his challenges and clearly convey them to us. Her openness and nonjudgmental approach created a sense of safety and possibility. She truly partnered with us in caring for our son in every aspect of his treatment by providing important referrals and parent counseling. My one on one parenting sessions with her helped me build more compassion for my son’s experience as well as my own experience as a parent.

Working with Margarita truly relieved the great sense of isolation we and perhaps many families feel when they have a child that they are unsure how to help. Should you have the opportunity to work with Margarita, I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Mira Mendez - NYC 
Mira Mendez - NYC

Meet the founder

About Rita Gendelman

I am the founder of the N.E.B. (neuro emotional balance) technique which was created out of my 20 years of experience serving families raising children and young adults on the autism spectrum all over the world.

My unique approach supports YOU parents / caregivers to be able to connect to your inner resources and utilize those resources to make a powerful impact on your child’s life.

Furthermore, I also focus on supporting YOU parents / caregivers to become self-reflective, change your inner narrative from self-deprecation to empowerment. The beauty of this process gives way for inner wisdom, self-trust, and openness of the heart to immerge as the guiding principles for parenting.

I have advanced and foundational training in a variety of modalities which I weave together to support families raising special children.

In my practice I use the methods bellow to address the root cause of your child’s challenges

Sensory processing approach

I have a master’s degree in occupational therapy – I utilize the sensory processing approach, which allows me to impact your child’s nervous system in ways that primes their learning channels to open.

Reflex integration approach

Reflex integration approach which supports the maturation of the brain.

Osteopathic techniques

Reflex integration approach using Osteopathic techniques, a very subtle approach to working with innate reflexes.

Autism Treatment Center of America

Trained at the Autism Treatment Center of America which is the home of the Son-Rise Method from 2007-2009 and became a Son Rise child facilitator. This method capitalizes on the growth of the child in the context of a loving relationship.

Handle approach

Handle approach a very gentle approach to addressing neuro developmental delays.

Neuro Emotional Technique

Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) a process which addressed underlying emotional patterns that cause stress.

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue – this work is known as the study of the psychology of the selves and allows a kind of connection between people that is entirely new. This work has shown people how to look at themselves differently and – in doing so – it bridges the distances amongst them.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations – a method that deeply addresses human relationships as they relate to the family system a person was born into. This approach allows you as a parent to perceive the current state of your family system and how the special child is influenced by the family system. This method as well allows you to bring the challenges of having a special child/adult within the context of the family system into greater health and balance.


Lifeline – The LifeLine Technique® is an integrative therapeutic system developed by Dr. Darren Weissman that transforms human behavior and biology by processing emotions buried in the subconscious mind.

Who we are

Core Principles

Everything exists in a relationship

Relationship in itself is healing

Deep expression of love brings us to life

Being aware of your emotions as a parent is the key to helping your child

Parent/s have the most influence on the evolution of their child

You are the key which opens the door for your child’s ability to live a full life and be happy

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